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About Us

Why Techaround?

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Best Communication

We provide near-instant responses to texts, chat, calls and email. We often even contact you first about a concern or idea. We are local to San Diego, and we are available to meet with you in person.

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Best Collaboration

We have worked in most areas of tech, and in just about every environment. We fit in perfectly with your existing team. Our ramp-up is insanely fast whether it’s code, company culture or the market you operate in.

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Best Work

We provide the level of work required for your budget and the project, not a monolithic bureaucratic process. We are flexible, inquisitive and forward-looking team members with your future success in mind.

Best Relationships

We want to build a successful, meaningful relationship with you and your business. We want to earn your trust, and for you to see us as your dedicated technology partner that champions your ideas and goals.

Our Services

Every Tech Need Covered

professional web design for all platforms and devices

Website Design and Development

From elegant, modern designs to custom development, API integrations, as well as backups, security and maintenance services, our team works with your budget, goals and business strategy in mind.

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App Development and Management

We work with a broad range of platforms and strategies to create mobile, desktop, web or hybrid apps, integrative internal or external features, MVPs for startups, and project management support.

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Digital Marketing and Strategy

Our marketing team employs data-driven approaches for high quality content development, organic SEO, digital advertising, social media and email campaigns, as well as CRM software support.

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We Can Help in Other Ways Too

What else are you looking for? We are as diverse as our clients. We can help you find anything and everything to fulfill your business goals. Reach out to us directly and let us know what you need, and we will be happy to help!

All Aboard the USS Partner Ship

How We Partner With You

An Extension of Your Team

Our long-term partnerships allow us to become vitally important extensions of in-house design, development and marketing teams. Some clients even give us email addresses, invite us to meetings with their customers, as well as creative and strategic internal meetings.

Your Dedicated Agency

We provide our clients with the same level of dedication as an in-house IT department, but with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of an outsourced agency. This gives you the attention you deserve on terms that are most beneficial for your specific goals and business model.

Your IT-for-Hire People

Techaround IT-for-Hire services are perfect for designers, developers and business owners with tasks or projects that are too difficult or time-consuming to tackle in-house. No project is too large or small for our team. We can help you get the job done successfully as you need us.


Our Partners Love Us

“TechAround has served as Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE)’s webmaster and IT support since inception and is a fantastic partner. Not only is the team incredibly responsive, but they are also proactive in ensuring a seamless digital face for our organization. Stephane and team take the time to understand our mission and objectives and provide helpful strategies and solutions to meet our goals. The team approaches each project with a can-do attitude and are always a pleasure to work with.”

Lisa Easterly

President & CEO, Cyber Center of Excellence

Let’s Get Started

We give you the dedication of an in-house team combined with the experience of a professional agency. Our flexibility and expertise is as diverse as our clients, which include publishers, tech startups, language translation companies, schools, law firms, healthcare companies and financial services providers.